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The success of your project, whether as a professional or diy’er, depends on using the best products and having the knowledge on how to use them. At Prismatic Paint & Plaster, our goal is to work closely with you to provide top notch products and education on decorative painting techniques. We are here to share 20+ years of product knowledge, offer assistance and help you get the products you need to complete the job.

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-Product Knowledge

-Foils & Size

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-Color Consultation

-Tools & Supplies

-One-On-One Coaching

-Real World, On The Job Experience


Faux Effects International products are a complete line of water based products from primers to topcoats engineered to give professional results. These advanced technology products provide slower drying times, allowing maximum workability. The water-based formulation ensures easy cleanup and environmental friendliness. FEI continues to set the standard for unsurpassed quality and expertise in the field of decorative and designer finishes.


Success as a decorative painting professional depends on staying current on trends, colors and techniques and offering finishes that reflect those trends. Be inspired and reenergized as you learn about new products, get to know other artisans and build community by participating in online or in-studio courses. Sometimes that little tip or trick that you pick up in class can make a huge difference in your business! DIY’ers can learn about proper prep, the best products to use for your projects, and tips to make the experience rewarding with professional looking results. Choose from three types of training to keep your creativity growing.


We all know how frustrating it is to try to find someone to answer a question at a big box store. Sometimes there are technical questions we need help with to make our project successful. Will these products mix together ok? What glaze is best to use with my paint? How many square feet will that cover?

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing from Prismatic Paint and Plaster is the personal, professional product knowledge that’s available to you. If I don’t know the answer to your question, I’ll help you find it. I’m here as a resource to help guide you through your project whether you’re a professional painter or a weekend project novice.

Quick turnaround on shipping is a priority too. I know you’re depending on your product to arrive on time so you can get your project started.

Contact Michelle at Prismatic Paint and Plaster during business hours via phone, email or text.

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Faux Effects International, Inc. is a privately owned and operated corporation dedicated solely to the development and manufacture of environmentally friendly, high quality, faux and decorative finishing products.

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